cMonitEM compact system for continuous EMF monitoring

24/365 Monitoring

Continuous control of electromagnetic fields (EMF) both indoors and outdoors for evaluation of exposure to non-ionising radiation (NIR) from mobile phone or Wi-Fi signals.



Specially designed for use indoors and outdoors at street level or in poorly lit areas, so it is not powered by a solar panel likes its big brother MonitEM, but by AC power.

  • Control of Wi-Fi in schools
  • Emissions from antennas at shopping centres, etc.


MonitEM devices have an environmental protection rating of IP 66, the highest in its class. A protection rating of IP 66 is indispensable for equipment that must remain permanently outdoors, exposed to storms and air-borne particles. That high degree of protection ensures that the equipment will remain in good working condition for years, making for lower maintenance costs and greater reliability.


The built-in modem allows remote communication of results to the Control Centre for storage and consultation, management and parameterisation of equipment, automatic report generation and display of results via the Internet.

Public communication is easy, comprehensible and visual, using photos, diagrams and Google Maps.

cMonitEM– WiFi:

Monitoring of NIR exposure levels from Wi-Fi signals.

cMonitEM– Mobile:

Monitoring of NIR exposure levels from mobile phone signals


MonitEM devices are equipped with a web server using software that is unique on the market and allows remote configuration and management of the monitoring equipment, data consultation and report generation, among other functions. It also offers the option of a public Internet page to display data and compare it easily with regulated limits.

  • management and configuration of equipment
  • data reception, consultation and storage
  • report generation and automatic delivery
  • display of photographs and diagrams
  • user friendly, with Google Maps positioning
Centro de Control MonitEM y cMonitEM

Monitoring of electromagnetic field levels

The ITU-T K.83 Recommendation provides guidelines for taking long-term measurements for control of electromagnetic fields (EMF) in selected areas of public interest, in order to show that those fields are under control and remain with the established limits. The aim of that Recommendation is provide the general public with clear and easily accessible information on electromagnetic fields set out in the form of the results of continuous measurement.